MOOC on smart contracts

“Smart” (data-driven and self-executing) contracts are beautiful! Our Anish Krishnan (law graduate and hobbyist coder) and Carlo Marmo (internet lawyer and LaTeX aficionado) are presenting a four-session online course themed “Smart Contracts For Young Professionals” in collaboration with Jeremy Wade, Founding Director, Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship and BloqOne IQ materials from Thomson Reuters (Middle East). Agenda: (a) Legal theory of smart contracts; data-driven and self-executing; dry vs wet clauses; smart contract templates; code as law; dispute resolution; (b) How a smart contract (promissory note) works on the blockchain; decentralised applications; decentralised autonomous organisations; oracles of verified data; (c) Applications in accounting (Balance), p2p lending (Etherloan) and more; and (d) Potential applications of smart contracts for social impact. Dates: 26 – 27 February. Eligibility: 25yo or younger; Admission free with optional donations to BitImpact. Registration here: