Ahead of our launch

Ahead of our official launch in March, we will be presenting in a series of posts what keeps us busy here at Curiositas. We have had a promising start to the year working on “smart contract” (software) prototypes that seek to address “painpoints” in the formation and execution of commercial contracts.  Examples include (a) the transfer of assets and settlement of funds with irrevocable software instructions; and (b) the automation of claims-handling in “parametric” insurance contracts.  Our team works on both the tech development and legal enforceability of such contracts and we plan to deploy the first of them by the end of the year.  Get in touch if you want to discuss our portfolio of use cases or explore your own projects – we are available to share resources, invest or enter into joint ventures in pursuit of exciting ideas. Or get in touch if you just want to waste some time creating debt instruments with your “crypto-kitties” as collateral. We do that too.