We are an innovation firm. Our team of technologists, lawyers and financial analysts research and develop emerging technologies that shape finance, law and the digital economy. We are advocates for an open internet, data privacy, cyberculture and decentralisation. Get in touch if you wish to discuss our portfolio of experiments or explore your own projects; we are available to share resources, invest or enter into joint ventures in pursuit of exciting ideas. Or get in touch if you just want to waste time creating debt instruments with your “crypto-kitties” as collateral. We do that too.


We are delighted to have been appointed as researchers at the Courts of the Future Forum (CoF) of DIFC Courts in the knowledge vertical of “Coding Challenges for the Courts of the Future”.  We aspire to contribute with our tech and legal research to the mission of the CoF and the promotion of legal automation and access to justice in the UAE and abroad. CoF’s mission is "to develop a framework of research and thought leadership about Courts". More info about CoF here.


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds 

We have our own team of developers. Our capabilities include full stack development, agile project management, digital transformation, VR/AR design and development.

We are currently launching these new ventures:

  • "WETHAQ": a “platform-as-a-service” for financial institutions, fundraisers and investors to use in the pre-sale, issuance, management and secondary trading of bonds.
  • "HYPERCLOUT": an augmented reality experience.
  • "PLANET PEGASUS": a creative and design studio with a focus on the emerging industries of 3D printing, mixed realities (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) and non-fungible tokens: this is our first product.


Building 20 - content coming soon

"MIT’s old Building 20 was ugly and slapdash and meant to just last through World War II—which is why it was made out of wood even though that broke the fire code. Yet it stayed up until 1998 because it became an ideas factory. Radar was perfected there. The science of modern linguistics took shape there under Noam Chomsky. It housed labs in nuclear science, cosmic rays, and food technology. Control terminals used by the Tech Model Railroad Club became the computers on which early hackers tinkered in the early 1960s.  What was the secret of Building 20?"



"I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it." A french filosofer